Modular cargoes transportations is one of the top priorities of our business. Our company can provide delivery of modular cargoes from any country of the world to Russia. The most developed direction is dellivery of modular cargoes from the countries of Eastern and Western Europe. Our company works with wide partnership network all around Europe and a number of conveniently positioned warehouses. All that gives us an opportunity to provide quality service and minimal time of delivery.

Transport of cargo is carried out as per following scheme:

  • Consignor delivers the cargo to the nearest consolidation warehouse
  • Our company takes the cargo from warehouse and trucks it to Russia

Centralized consolidation of cargoes allows to control the cargo movement better, reduce general cargo rates, minimize terms of delivery. Sendings out of the trucks with modular cargoes takes place almost every day.

Our service includes:

  • Registration of transport documents;
  • The full spectre of warehouse services (unloading, loading, a complete set, storage);
  • Urgent delivery of modular cargoes from Europe;
  • Delivery of dangerous cargo;
  • Tracking of cargoes in a way;
  • Cargo insurance.